Artist, Painter, Illustrator


Erhan Karagöz is an contemporary artist who produces artworks in many different disciplines.

The artist thinks that every branch of art is the sine qua non of the human soul, but painting is the most naive form of self-expression. He has produced artworks in different techniques in surreal and figurative styles, mostly portraits, and sees each of the painting as an inner journey. He gives plenty of sentiments to his art such as sadness, enthusiasm, fear, unhappiness and pain but with the colours and images he uses, he seeks to create an atmosphere that is contrary to these feeling. He focuses on issues such as ‘repetition, eye stumbles, confusion’ as prominent impressions in his surrealist portrait work. He likens each of his works to a human life, as his art undergo various decision, technical and colour changes many times until they are completed.

“I am interested in alchemy which seems to occur when context is altered and when fragments of images are combined. During the process of transforming the image in my mind into the painting on canvas, all the pieces merge into a context within the framework of a certain order. My aim has been to develop a visual language that reflects not just the present moment, but also the memory and history which underpins where we are now.”

The artist would like his paintings to act as a contemplative space where the viewer can make their own connections and form their own interpretations.

“Painting is a never-ending experimental inner journey that can evoke different emotions in the mind of the viewer.”

The artist focuses on the different emotions, mimics and situations of the people in his artworks, and aims the viewer to create their own interpretations accompanied by different emotions while examining the details of his paintings. In his art career, the artist has participated in many national and international exhibitions.


2021  Group Show / ‘Sentiment Collection’ – Bickerton Grace Gallery, London

2021  Group Show / ‘New Era’ – Art Number 23 Art Gallery, London

2020  Group Show / ‘Freedom’ – La Vision Art Gallery, Istanbul

2020  Group Show / ‘Shiny’ – Next Gallery, Istanbul

2019  Group Show / ‘Güncel Seçki-miz’ – Artgalerim Bebek, Istanbul

2014  Solo Show /  Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul

2013  Solo Show /  Elhamra Art Gallery, Istanbul

2012  Solo Show /  Çeterno Art Gallery, Istanbul

2010  Group Show / Nostospassword Art Week, Fransız Sokağı Art Gallery, Istanbul

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